Spring into Concord!

Concord is in bloom! Let's explore!​

Connect with nature and renew your senses with the season’s spectacular blooming trees, trails and wildflowers.

Time to Get Out

With days spent under fluorescent office lights and nights at home in front of televisions or smartphones, it’s easy to feel stressed and stifled by cubicle walls and too much screen time.

Studies show that even short bursts of time in nature can reduce not only symptoms of anxiety and depression, but more surprising things like preterm labor, asthma and nearsightedness. Luckily, springtime in Concord brings an abundance of great weather, natural beauty and outdoor recreation for everyone to get out and enjoy.

green field orange flowers

Lunch Break Away

Moving from the indoors to outdoors is a great way to get more energy and improve productivity. Plus, eating from your desk is bad for your health. Lunchtime is a great opportunity to grab a breath of fresh air: wander around the city’s weekly farmers market or pack your lunch and get out to one of Concord’s public parks for easy picnicking. The Markham Nature Park and Arboretum is a hidden gem in town where visitors can reflect and recharge while exploring beautiful flora and fauna surrounding Galindo Creek. Concord also has more than 20 public parks with easy picnicking, skateboarding or just hanging out for a lazy afternoon.

Take a Hike - Literally!

Nature Deficit impacts kids even more than adults as screen time cuts into the development they might be getting outside. Parents don’t have to worry about taking their families on expensive faraway vacations for grand adventures-- it can be as simple as finding hikes together, riding bikes to school or just hanging out soaking up the sun. Take a “peak” at some of our favorites!

Mount Diablo

Sprawling over 20,000 acres, with its peak towering 3,849 feet high, is Mt. Diablo State Park. Whether you’re in the mood for a walk or a hike, this East Bay wonder is home to an extensive trail system,fascinating wildlife, and distinctive rock formations. Enter the park through Northgate Road to access the summit. Look to the west for views of the Golden Gate Bridge, south to the Santa Cruz Mountains, and north to Mount Saint Helena. Pick up a hiking map at the Summit Museum. On your way down, hit the Mary Bowerman Trail—the first half of the gentle 0.7-mile loop trail is even accessible by wheelchair. Be sure to check out the incredible guided nature walks, hikes and tours offered by Save Mt. Diablo throughout the year.

Lime Ridge

It’s an area rich in diverse plant and animal life with 25 miles of hiking trails. The north section is less steep with excellent views of Concord and the Carquinez Strait; the south region is far more extensive with a network of jeep trails, single tracks and herd paths. An excellent launching point can be found at the end of Valley Vista Road, across from Boundary Oak Golf Course. Pick up a complimentary map at the trailhead and set off on one of the dozens of loop hikes. Glorious views of Mt Diablo and its foothills make this a popular place to hike. And you probably won’t see many people around in cooler weather.

Iron Horse Trail

If moving forward is more appealing than scrambling up, take on the Iron Horse. This multi-use, whole-access trail runs between the cities of Concord and Pleasanton, connecting over 30 miles of the East Bay. Work hard, play hard

If you’re meeting in Concord, the adventure is just beginning. From scenic mountain trails to pleasure walks, there are endless ways for your group to get out and enjoy the local scenery. Many meeting and event planners choose Concord specifically for its close proximity to Mt. Diablo and abundance of outdoor activities.