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“Give me the next chapter,” that’s what Jenny Lambert heard every week at work while writing the story that would lead to her debut as a published author. What started as a hobby for the Concord English teacher turned into so much more when The Memory Visit finally hit digital and independent bookstores last June, after five years in the making. 

The Path 

“When I was little, I dreamed about being an author,” Lambert said. “I never thought I’d publish anything until the idea of this book came along.”

The action-filled, thought provoking page turner has gotten high marks from digital book retailers. It centers on 17 year old Rain— looking for answers about a memory of her brother dying. In NorCoast, a post-apocalyptic future low on water, people can venture to the past to relive memories as a way to escape the troubles of the present. As Rain searches for answers about her brother, she picks up a thread involving conspiracy, her brother's murder, and sinister plots.

As for Lambert’s own past, she explained an affinity for starting and stopping stories while growing up in Illinois. However, her professional sights weren’t set on literature until much later. As a Sophomore in high school, her family relocated to the Bay Area-- bumping her graduating class from 30 to 300 and replacing four seasons with California’s more temperate climate.  

After school, she studied engineering at UC Davis, but quickly realized she loved English during her Gen Ed classes and then found teaching while working as a tutor.  Now, Lambert wouldn’t have it any other way and has actually spent a large part of her teaching career in Concord-- first at Ygnacio Valley Highschool before moving up the road to Carondelet. 

Today, she’s not just teaching her students about literature, she’s also writing it.

Community Support

“My daughter and I started writing stories together,” Lambert said, explaining how she found her way to the hobby.  “It was so much fun that I got back into it.”

The Memory Visit  started small, but soon gained traction at the encouragement of those close to Lambert. “I got this idea that would not get out of my head,” she said. “I started talking to my husband about it.”

The Concord author explained that when she finally put pen to paper to create a chapter, she showed an excerpt to a fellow Carondelet teacher. Lambert said, “I showed it to my colleague Mrs. Cutright at Carondelet and every week she’d say: ‘Give me the next chapter.” 

School and community are Lambert’s main sources of inspiration – as well as her target audience. “Being part of the Concord community has meant a lot,” said Lambert who writes young adult novels and stories. “I always write with my students in mind… their experiences and my experiences with them-- I keep those kids in mind when I’m writing my stories.”  

As for local writers hoping for their big break, Lambert says write about your passion. “Too many authors try to predict the trends to write stories that will sell. Authors need to find an authentic voice and tell the story they want to tell.”

Escape into Fiction

Now, as Contra Costa extends the stay at home order for an unknown future, all we need to escape is the words of this Concord author to give us something new to explore. Why not take a chance and pick The Memory Visit  for your next virtual book club?

If you want to read The Memory Visit, you can find it online at Amazon or on Half Price Books’s website. Plus, stay tuned: Lambert says plans for a sequel are already in the works.