Healthy Eats in Concord

Staying healthy is hard, especially when Concord has so many delicious food options available. Diet is also a huge factor when it comes to fitness and Concord has the perfect eats to keep you healthy!

Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy is one of Concord’s newest health food stores and is located inside Whole Foods 365. They offer meal plans, juice cleanses and other health food detoxes to make you feel good. Urban Remedy even has a meal weight loss program that highlights one of the newest dieting trends, the keto diet. Their overall goal is to teach the world that food is healing.

healthy foods on table
Urban Remedy

The Lettuce Inn

Salads, wraps and raw vegan treats are what makes The Lettuce Inn a healthy pick in Concord. They offer special items like “meatless Monday” and seasonal dishes depending on the time of the year. The Lettuce Inn is following the latest food trends, while keeping the community of Concord happy and healthy.

veggie pizza
The Lettuce Inn

Pure Juice Lounge

Acai bowls, juices and smoothie make Pure Juice Lounge the ultimate health and wellness spot. The menu has creative name like the “do it like Draymond’ and “can you feel the beet” making healthy fun! Mindful nutrition is important when it comes to Pure Juice Lounge.

fruit smoothies
​Pure Juice Lounge

Acay Café

Acai bowls are the newest trend in today’s healthy eats. Acay Café features just that and more including juices, smoothies, wraps, salads and crepes. It is the one stop shop for everything healthy in Concord and lives by their motto,” fresh and tasty!”

healthy fruit cups
​Acay Café



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