Get to Know Visit Concord’s Elaine Schroth

In this insightful 45-minute podcast, Elaine dishes on how launching Concord’s Taco Trail during the pandemic became one of the bright spots for local businesses, the much anticipated opening the city’s new Visitor Center, and her best advice for young people looking to start a career in tourism.

She also shares her own personal story of how she transitioned from small business owner to President & CEO of Visit Concord, the challenges she’s faced since taking on the role, and the future of destination marketing.

Don’t miss this in-depth look at one of the industry’s most respected leaders and Visit Concord’s ever-growing role in the city’s economic vitality and recovery. 

Listen Here:

Summaries and Timestamps for Interview

0:00 - Intro
1:25 – Elaine introduction
6:10 – Concord’s new, modern visitor center
9:00 - Specific initiatives to engage potential visitors 12:00 - Visit Concord’s famous “Taco Trail.”
17:30 - The philosophy, strategy, and process behind launching the Taco Trail.
21:45 - Communication strategy with Taco Trail participants
25:40 - How the pandemic changed the way they do things.
32:20 – Helping to market local businesses in the area.
34:40 – Concord’s Comfort Food week.
35:45 – Advice for young tourism career seekers.
40:20 – Elaine’s predictions – what the future of destination marketing looks like.
45:30 – Wrap