A Pro Shares His Secret to the Ultimate Lemon-Drop Cocktail

Make your Holiday Party a hit with this Lemon-Drop Recipe!

The Holidays are in full swing which means lots of parties, appetizers and booze! Our local hotelier is not shy when it comes to sharing his favorite party tricks. Concord Hilton’s Grady Jean has the perfect Lemon Drop recipe to make your Holiday a hit! After opening many TGI Friday restaurants he became a mixologist. He had to take many tests and worked his way up from a bar back. If there is one thing Grady would like everyone to know it would be, “to relax and enjoy life more!” Cheers to that and Happy Holidays!

General Instructions: (Pre-make the Lemon Drops)

*Buy good Brands of Alcohol – use DeKruper or Bols Triple Sec

*Simple Syrup – pour 8 oz Sugar and 32 oz water in pan & warm until dissolved.

*Buy Organic Lemonade (Whole Foods Outlet). Make with contents of Lemonade & 2 cans (16 oz) water.

*Buy 2 liter containers at Dollar Store: mixing & storing of Lemon Drops.

*Option – Cocktail Candy to rim the glassware – BevMo or special Liquor Store.

Glassware: Use cocktail glasses or second choice – wine glasses/stemware.

1 Gallon 5 Gallons
85 oz Lemon Juice425 oz Lemon Juice
22 oz Vodka110 oz Vodka
6 oz Triple Sec30 oz Triple Sec
15 oz Simple Syrup 75 oz Simple Syrup
128 oz= 1 Gallon 640 oz= 5 gallons

Mixologist: Grady Jean (Retired Mixologist / Chemist). Ph# 925-349-2616 - e-mail; grady.jean@hilton.com

*Must be 21 and over to consume alcohol