A Salute to Concord’s Class of 2020

For high school seniors, graduation can be bittersweet. The end of the school year brings the excitement of growing up and moving on, but it can also represent the end of an era.

For the Class of 2020, the year has been an especially poignant one. With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic and stay at home orders in place orders for most of their last semester, seniors have been deprived of so many of the traditional events and rites of passage that celebrate of this special time in their lives; things like the prom, graduation ceremony and simply being together. Most of us can’t imagine what that would be like. 

Besides the hard work and dedication required to reach this milestone, the Class of 2020 deserves to be recognized for their strength and resiliency. You have accomplished a big goal during a most difficult time, so, congratulations to all of you. Go out and pursue your dreams but remember to stay connected to family, friends, your school -- and to Concord. We are proud of you and wish you all the best.

Clayton Valley Charter High School

CVCHS seniors and their families celebrated Senior Signing Day. Each senior was recognized and cheered on as they proclaimed their next step after high school - college, military, an apprenticeship, or the workforce. There were smiles all around as students posed together with their proud families for a photo opportunity. What a way to demonstrate spirit!

Ygnacio Valley High School 

As Ygnacio Valley High School students picked up their caps and gowns, they were celebrated and congratulated! Posting photos of themselves in their graduate gowns, these graduating seniors have so much to be proud of. 

Mt. Diablo High School 

Vibrant Mt. Diablo seniors are going on to great things-- whether pursuing additional education or a career, these graduating seniors will continue achieve their dreams. The school plans to continue posting student accomplishments through their social media. 

Concord High School

As schools in Concord switch to a digital curriculum, they are still doing what they can to honor their deserving students-- especially their 2020 graduating class. 


As members of Carondelet’s sisterhood finish their year from home, the school has also set up a drive through parade to celebrate the stellar accomplishments of the 2020 class. Megan Anton, salutatorian of her class, says “The class of 2020 loves. We’re going to love widely and greatly our entire lives. We’ll always remember the love we shared for each other and I think we’ll carry it with us throughout life.”

Del La Salle

The Spartan brotherhood, too, boasts resilience as these senior men go out into the world. Congratulations on your hard work and perseverance throughout high school!