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If you’re looking to explore Concord and the surrounding area and want a great place to start, you might want to look into its past and how that’s impacted the present. From fires to earthquakes, the history of Concord is pretty tumultuous, but what resulted was a series of awesome towns strewn along a gorgeous valley. And as you might expect, the culture of these towns is different than anywhere in the Bay Area, and by diving into the past, you’ll get a glimpse of what makes the present so special.

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Concord Historic Walking Tour

The Concord Historical Society, which is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Concord and the surrounding area, offers a Concord Historic Walking Tour to visit the sights and explore this beautiful city. You can see 28 historical places in downtown Concord and learn the significance of each one.

From the Todos Santos Plaza that was established in 1869 to the original County Fire House, you can learn a lot about the city of Concord from the historical buildings highlighted on the tour.

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Queen of All Saints Catholic Church

This historic church was first established as part of a mission in 1873. It became a parish in 1923, and the current structure that stands today was completed in 1953 and renovated in 2009.

Aside from regular Mass, the church is also home to regular weddings, baptisms and funerals. Visitors also sometimes stop by just to admire the architecture, and the church also holds regular youth activities.

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Art Cottage

aRt Cottage is a gallery and studio where you can enjoy the works of local Bay Area artists in both 2D and 3D. Exhibits are rotated on a monthly basis so that there is always something new and exciting to see. There is no entry fee, and the public is always invited to the receptions.

aRt Cottage also offers classes for adults and children in several mediums, such as ceramics, watercolor, sewing, and more. aRt Cottage is adorable, comfortable, and definitely alive with the wonderful art that it showcases.

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Lime Ridge Open Space

Lime Ridge offers outstanding hiking and mountain biking within easy reach of Easy Bay hubs. A variety of footpaths–the Blue Oak, Savannah, Buckeye, Manzanita, and others–provide access to the oak openings, chaparral, and grasslands of Lime Ridge, a northwestern spur of Mount Diablo edged on three sides by development.

Lime Ridge’s sweeping prospects stretch from the Diablo Range out to San Francisco Bay, while closer-up glories include wildflowers, their dutiful pollinators, and the noble profiles of mature oaks. One thing’s for sure: You’ll be thankful city planners spared this swath of Bay Area foothills from the bulldozer!

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